March 2023 Newsletter
March 2023 Newsletter

Dear GCSC Division Members,

Our first newsletter of 2023 comes packed with information about ICA23. We are also sending out information about the division’s Best Dissertation Award. Please circulate the call for this award widely, so we can all celebrate the achievements of emerging scholars working in the field of global communication and social change.

******* Planning for ICA 2023 *******

The division’s program for the ICA 2023 conference in Toronto has been finalized by Saba Bebawi, GCSC conference planner and Vice Head The program includes 28 full papers, 12 extended abstracts and 6 panels out of 135 submissions for a 34% acceptance rate. The division will also be holding a business meeting and a reception on Friday, May 25, 2023. More details about these two events will be shared with our members in our next newsletter.

Reception Update

This year the division will hold a joint reception on the Friday evening with the divisions of Intercultural Communication and Ethnicity and Race in Communications.  We expect to have co-sponsorship, and guests, from the York University Department of Communication Studies.

The reception will take place at the Arta Gallery, in the distillery district: https://www.artagallery.ca/ .  

As with last year’s reception, the venue will have a capacity limit so we will operate a first come, first serve, ticketing system again, which will be made available in April.

Please watch our website and twitter account for announcements @gcsc2020.

Rock Star Reviewer

The division leadership would like to thank all the people who submitted papers and the reviewers, particularly the “Rock Star Reviewer” of the division, Toussaint Nothias from University of Stanford (USA).

Rock Star Reviewers are recognized by ICA for “providing especially helpful, detailed, or astute commentary to submitters to help them truly improve their work”.

******* Travel Bursaries *******

We are able to offer a few travel bursaries to members traveling to the 2023 ICA Conference in Toronto. The bursary selection process is based significantly on supporting scholars with less access to financial support, so the following form is intended to help us assess your level of need. 

These travel bursaries are designed for student and early career members only. Early career at ICA is defined as "within 5 years of having received your PHD".  Please follow the link here to apply!

******* Roundtable: Digital Africa: A Discussion of Challenges and Opportunities *******

This year, our division has gained approval from ICA of a special interdivisional panel which will take place at 9am on Friday, May 24th – so make it your first event of the conference!  This is a roundtable called “Digital Africa: A Discussion of Challenges and Opportunities”. We have a panel of exciting scholars from Africa, Europe, and North America to discuss Africa’s digital future. The divisions of Communication and Technology and Intercultural Communication are co-hosting this session with us.

University of Iowa has provided the principal sponsorship of a travel fund to assist roundtable delegates from Africa. 

******* GCSC Best Dissertation Award *******

The Division for Global Communication and Social Change is soliciting nominations for its Best Dissertation Award.

The award honors a dissertation defended in the two calendar years preceding the nomination deadline (i.e. between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022). The review committee will judge each nominated dissertation on several criteria including the importance of the problem it addresses, the strength of evidence it presents, and the significance of its conclusions all relative to the mission of the Division (see below). The committee also will consider the soundness of methodology and quality of writing and argument, along with the nominating letter(s).

A full nomination package should comprise

  • A letter of nomination, 2 pages maximum, that address the award criteria contained in the description and mission statement below.
  • Nominee’s CV.
  • No more than two sample chapters, with one of them being either the introductory or concluding chapter.
  • One additional letter of recommendation (preferably from a supervisor or dissertation committee member), 2 pages maximum, that addresses the award criteria contained in the description and mission statement below is permitted (but not required).

All submissions are electronic (including copies of book chapters) and must be emailed to the Division Chair, Professor Chris Paterson (c.paterson@leeds.ac.uk). The deadline to submit the documents is April 1 2023 (by 11:59pm GMT).

All nomination packages should be prepared by one person, and may come from the author or, the nominator. The author must be a GCSC division member and must commit to attending the ICA conference in Toronto (virtually or in person) in May 2023, as well as the division’s business meeting and reception.

The Division for Global Communication and Social Change exists to encourage and debate research on issues of production, distribution, content and reception of communications at global, "glocal," transnational, transcultural, international and regional levels. Within this purview it encompasses work across a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, concerning communication in cultural, economic, political or social contexts, including strategic communication for development, social change or social justice.

Please stay tuned for the best book award 2024 announcement coming this summer!

Announcement: New M.A. in Communication for Global Social Change

The School of Communication at the University of Miami invites applications for the new M.A. in Communication for Global Social Change. This one-year degree focuses on theory and research of critical communication and social change in global contexts.  

This is your opportunity to study with world-renowned scholars, conduct impactful research, and learn how to engage intentional communication practices designed to analyze and address social problems. The M.A. is ideal for students considering a Ph.D. or seeking leadership positions in agencies devoted to social change, globally and in the U.S.  

Tuition waivers, assistantships, and opportunity awards are available. The application deadline for fall 2023 is July 15th.  

Learn more and apply today here or contact socgrad@miami.edu
#WeAreSoC #UMiami #HigherEd #GradSchool #MastersDegree #SocialChangeMakers #GradStudent  

We will be back in April with details about ICA23, the activities the division has planned for our members, both online and in person, and with information on the business meeting and reception. We will also be announcing the winners of the best paper awards for ICA23. Stay tuned!

ICA Global Communication/Social Change Division

Chris Paterson (University of Leeds), Chair

Saba Bebawi (University of Technology Sydney), Vice-Chair

Lea Hellmueller (City, University of London), Secretary

Rachel van der Merwe (University of Groningen), Internationalization Liaison

Michael Dokyum Kim (University of Miami), Student and Early Career Scholars Representative

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