The Division for Global Communication and Social Change is run by volunteers. The division's leadership is comprised of a chair, vice-chair, secretary, student/early career scholar representative and international liaision officer. Officers are elected by the division members in elections held periodically. Each officer serves for two years after they are elected, with vice-chairs first serving for two years as vice-chairs and conference planners, and then as chairs for two years.

If you are interested in running for a position within the division's leadership, get in touch with us to learn more. All active members of the division can run in the elections.

Chris Paterson
School of Media and Communication  

University of Leeds, UK  

Phone: +44(0)113 343 7619  

Email: c.paterson@leeds.ac.uk

Saba Bebawi
School of Communication  

University of Technology Sydney, Australia  

Email: Saba.Bebawi@uts.edu.au

Lea Hellmueller

School of Communication & Creativity

City, University of London, UK

Email: lea.hellmueller@city.ac.uk

Student & Early Career Scholar Representative
Michael Dokyum Kim photo[6]
Michael Dokyum Kim
School of Communication  

University of Miami, USA

Email: m.d.kim@miami.edu 

International Liaison
Rachel van der Merwe
Centre for Media and Journalism Studies  

University of Groningen   

Email: r.l.van.der.merwe@rug.nl