The Division for Global Communication and Social Change periodically organizes events open to all its members. So of these events are held in person during ICA's Annual Conference, while others are held virtually to reach a wider global audience, in line with the goals and mission of the division. 

If you are interested in organizing an event affiliated with the division, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here are some of the events the division has planned for the year 2021-2022. More details will be provided on this page and through our social media accounts.

Reviewer Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to assist first time reviewers on the processes involved with a focus on how the division assesses its submissions, taking into account any language barriers and cultural differences that might exist. This online workshop will take place in early November and will be run by the division Chair, Professor Chris Paterson. This workshop is held at the start of November before the ICA submission deadline of 6th November. For participation in this event please RSVP here.

Virtual Writing Café

 The Virtual Writing Café brings together early career researchers who would like to join together to refine their manuscripts and extended abstracts for the ICA 2022 conference. This event will take place in Feb/March 2022. Details on how to RSVP for this event will be posted here. 

Lunch with Mentors 

This is a face-to-face event to take place during the annual conference in Paris, where the division’s early career researchers can meet with senior academics over lunch. This social event will provide an opportunity for our division members to meet each other and benefit from each other’s experiences. More details on this event will be provided prior to the conference.